I have partnered with Intentional Creativity Coach Megan Anderson in a powerful workshop designed to heal and empower by tapping into our creative soul (yes, we all have one!). As we put brush to canvas we access a different part of our brain, allowing us to quiet the voices of social conditioning and listen to our inner wisdom. Whether you are an accomplished artist or haven’t touched a paint brush since Kindergarten you can do this. Trust me, I was of the latter and this experience has brought a new level of personal enlightenment and growth that I never would have thought possible playing with paint. It’s truly so difficult to explain what you will experience and what you will walk away with…is it enough to say “just trust me!”?…ya, I didn’t think so. Here’s some nice things participants have said about us:


“a truly amazing experience”
“it is something powerful that you two are doing”
“I would ABSOLUTELY do this again”
“I’ll be recommending this to everyone I know”


“Working with life coach, Kristine, has been a very empowering experience. She helped to GUIDE me to developing a more specific and focused purpose for improving balance in my life. It was Kristine’s ability to effectively LISTEN and EMPATHIZE that allowed me to open up to the coaching experience.”


Workshop format:

  • 6 hour total time commitment (either one full day or two three hour evenings)
  • held at The Crow’s Nest Studio (a cozy, inviting Ladner heritage home) 5038 47A Ave.
  • small group format. No more than eight students per workshop.
  • $245. Includes canvas, paints, food and refreshments


aw-2Awakened Woman: this workshop is designed to uncover the lies that we unconsciously tell ourselves and expose the areas of our life where they hold us back. We discover the truth behind the lie. Through guided visualization we will connect you with your inner wisdom messenger, cultivating power and creativity. We then put brush to canvas and begin to bring the image of your messenger to life.


  • Sept.13th, 2015:  10am-4pm