A Beautiful (But Disappointing) Valentine’s Story

I find people are often divided into two camps when it comes to how they approach a situation in which the outcome is uncertain. Camp A:  OMG!  This is going to be so AMAZING!!  I can't wait!!! (already planning outfits) Camp B:  Hmm, let's just wait and see.  (arms crossed, eyes squinting, knowing look on face) The classic Optimist vs Pessimist, Dreamer vs Realist.  I sit pretty squarely in Camp A and am often gently advised by my Camp B husband not to get too excited.  What?? And lose out on the sweet high of serotonin pulsing through my nerve [...]

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And What Would You Know About That?!

It's possible I was the recipient of someone's "outside voice" at a party this past weekend. Or maybe she is simply one of those rare (and totally awesome) people who says exactly what is on her mind. I was having a lovely chat with the hostess and one of her guests when the conversation steered towards my coaching business and the hostess was curious about who it is that I gear my practice to. I said that it seems people who are drawn to me are women entrepreneurs searching for life's Holy Trifecta...a booming business, a happy marriage, and a [...]

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