You Are Not Smart Enough!

I've just about had enough of the "not-enough-isms" we experience in our society.  I hear it every day from clients, friends, family and often from that little jerk in my own head that loves to whisper not so sweet nothings in my ear.   Here's my "Letterman" Top Ten Not-Enough-isms: you're not pretty enough you're not rich enough you're not thin enough you're not talented enough you're not young enough you're not old enough you're not funny enough you're not creative enough you're not fit enough And the number one Not -Enough-ism I hear is... You are NOT SMART ENOUGH!  Clearly, [...]

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KI’s Story: My Precious Dancing Queen

My precious Dancing Queen, Oh my darling, how you learned to dance for your dinner over the years. As young as three you would tuck your chubby little bear paw feet into your ballet slippers and the show would begin.  As if you were trained in the womb to give the people what they wanted, what they needed.  Amidst the yelling, the fighting, the crying you would swirl around them until they got caught up in your tornado of joy.   It wouldn't last for long, but at least for suppertime, there would be laughter. By 13, you traded in your [...]

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Feeling Stuck? Change Your Glasses!

Clients often come to me with the primary goal of getting them Un-Stuck. They are stuck in a loveless marriage, a dead end job, a body they hate, a sea of debt, and probably the most popular area of stickiness; a life without purpose. By the time they have come to me they are usually completely fed up and wanting a Plan of Action. And if I could kindly provide a 3 step plan to get them out of their crap that would be super duper. An easy three step plan to discover your PURPOSE IN LIFE! My inbox seems [...]

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