“You are like a child, I just have to distract you long enough until you forget about what’s got you down”. Wise (and pretty hilarious) words from my big sister.  A few weeks ago I was in the depths of a sweet state of Woe is Me.  As is always the case when we find ourselves here, I had good reason dammit!  Having just learned that I will likely need surgery for tears in both my shoulder and hip due to a car accident last year, bummed because I can’t go to yoga (aka: saviour) until my body is fixed, and feeling lost and unsettled as we were forced to move yet again waiting for our house to be built this coming spring…Oh yes, I was more than worthy of my WIM (woe is me).  And once I indulge,  I can and will go on…I’ll continue to list off every single thing in my life that is sucking or that isn’t going my way until I finish with “…(blubbering) and, and I can’t get the stain out of my (gasp for breath) favourite Splendid pants!!”.  Although all true (and that last one really sucks, I love those pants!), is it really the end? I know it’s not, but when you are spiralling it certainly feels like it.  That’s why I was so thankful for my sister.

She knew exactly what was going down but instead of allowing me to wallow and dive even deeper she distracted me by sending pictures of gorgeous light fixtures for my new house (she’s also my very talented interior designer). As I flipped thru photos, imagining each fixture in my new home…Poof!  I suddenly felt lighter.  My body slowly started to release tension as my face relaxed and my shoulders dropped down from my ears. Thru coaching I have learned the power of our body and how it sends messages to our brain.  As my physical transformation made its way to my brain, my body released tension and my mind released painful messages like “you will never feel better”, “you are lost”, and “everything is falling apart”.  Messages I know are untrue.

A warning however when using this distraction tool, while many can be magical, others can be destructive. When we are rocking out to our WIM ballad we are in a very fragile and vulnerable state.  Susceptible to things that can lead us down a dark road.  Things like alcohol, drugs, over-eating, excessive shopping, etc.  Just ask yourself if your distraction feels “dark” or “sparkly”.  If it’s dark you are likely diving deeper into your WIM, but if it’s sparkly I might suggest you are simply allowing yourself a brief reprieve from the challenges of life.  Take note of how your body feels as you indulge in your distraction.  Tightness, stomach burning, and jaw clenching are probably signalling a dark distraction while lightness, tingling, butterflies are probably signs that you are seeing sparkles.  Enjoy, every girl deserves a little Sparkle.

a couple of my Sparkly distractions…