Have you ever taken a personality assessment test online, at work, or at school?  Maybe you’ve just filled out one of those short quizzes in Oprah or Chateleine to find out what your “type” is.  And when you read the description of your unique personality style, you feel like there’s someone out there that finally understands you.  Some Wizard behind the curtain saying “girl, I see you.”


Man I love that feeling.  I love it so much that I think I have taken every assessment that may have ever been invented.  Myers Briggs, Understand Me by Jordan Peterson, Enneagram, EQ assessment, Strengths Finder, True Colours (loved this one so much I became a facilitator), and many more.  Every test revealed pretty much the same personality traits and I so badly wanted to say “yep, you got me”.  But I would hear this quiet voice whispering “well, it depends”.  One trait that I consistently scored off the charts for was Extroverted. This made sense (I guess).


  • I love to party (most of the time)
  • I’m not terribly shy (well, sometimes)
  • I can do small talk (but it bores me)
  • I love talking (but I really love listening)
  • I love being in groups (until I need to be alone)
  • I’m trusting of people (but sometimes I’m not)
  • My friends think I’m extroverted (except for the ones that don’t)
  • If I’m with someone who’s quiet I’ll probably be louder (but if you’re loud, I’ll definitely be quiet)
  • Sometimes I love attention (but more often than not, I don’t want everyone looking at me)


Does anybody else relate? Have you ever felt that you don’t feel comfortable sitting squarely in the Extrovert box or the Introvert box?  If asked which one you are, might you answer “well, it depends”?


Recently, I learned that there is in fact a third option that lays in between Introvert and Extrovert called Ambivert.  A third option! Who knew??  Well, a bunch of psychologists apparently, but I feel like this isn’t widely known.  I geek out pretty regularly on psychology and personality theories and have never come across the term Ambivert (tell me I’m not alone).   After spending some time with my friend Google, I learned that Carl Jung’s original work defining extroversion and introversion was published in 1921 (Psychological Types) with the knowledge that there was a spectrum between the two.  However, there wasn’t a term for it until German born Psychologist Hans Eysenck coined Ambivert in 1947.


If you feel like your mind has been blown like mine was with this knowledge, you are going to love the list of links I’ve listed below.  You can take a quiz (yay, more quizzes) to learn if you are one of the 68% of the population that doesn’t feel they are squarely an introvert or an extrovert.  A whopping 68% of the population feels they don’t fit in to either category, or they call themselves introverted extroverts or extroverted introverts.  Now, we have our very own name.  Yes, it sounds a bit like pervert but it’s still pretty cool.   If you discover that you are also an Ambivert, let’s party!  Can you imagine how awesome it would be??  No small talk, only amazing conversation, a nice give and take of listening and talking, and when you’ve had enough of the people…just bolt.  We totally get it.