I see you…

I was having lunch with a very dear friend last week discussing some pretty big and exciting changes in his business and personal life. At one point he paused and leaned in closer as he fixed his beautiful, warm blue eyes on me and said with such heart “I must truly thank you for seeing the Value in me and allowing me to see it in myself”. Well, that is simply IT isn’t it? If I do nothing else on this planet but help people see their true value, their beauty, their raison d-etre…I would be a very happy woman. I have been blessed to have many friends, clients, and staff tell me that they feel I “get them” and that I see who they are, beneath all the stuff. The stuff can be anything that might lead others to have a particular perception about you; like your current relationship, job, or financial status; the way you come across when you feel uncomfortable or threatened; how you dress or your physical appearance. I don’t believe any of this stuff defines who you are. And that is who I want to know, that is who I want to connect with. Stripped free of all the stuff, magic is given room to flow. This is the moment I often begin to get a clear sense of the amazing things you might do with your one wild and precious life (thank you Mary Oliver). My greatest challenge is usually patience, as I wait for you to catch up to the awesomeness I see in you.

So is this a special super power gifted to me by a mighty sorcerer? Should I rename myself Madam KI (the fortune teller kind not the Heidi Fleiss kind)? Do I have special Avatar “I See You!” glasses? While I do humbly believe this is a special gift, I know it is not special to me. We all have the ability to be a beacon of light and acceptance so those around us feel they can be real and inspired to play a bigger game. When we strip away all that stuff from ourselves and those around us we begin to live from a place of freedom rather than fear.

Shall we Shine your big beautiful light?

  • before we can be a beacon for others we must shine the light inwards and make sure we truly see ourselves. Queue “Lady Marmalade” and get stripping baby.
  • believe we are all born with goodness, innocence, and love in our hearts (this helps when that “judge-y” junk creeps in).
  • get curious. When I’m in true “seeing” mode I’m like Barbara Walters on speed. Ask questions and don’t forget to LISTEN.
  • get still. I’ve always meditated for a few minutes before coach calls but now I’m starting to do this before phone calls with friends, dinners out, meetings with business associates…calm attracts calm.
  • share your yummy thoughts. If you are impressed by someone (and remember this doesn’t have to be some huge thing)…tell them! When we keep our praise inside, it simply dies.
  • ask about their dreams and then (sorry it bears repeating)… Listen.

Now as I gaze into my crystal ball, I am getting a clear picture of your future…its overflowing with Love and Light my friend. Love and Light.

Madam KI