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Carly F

– Emma G.

It is hard to put words as to how amazing Kristine is as a person, coach and mentor. I had no idea what to expect when I first booked-in to see her, but I am so glad that I decided to make the personal investment. Deciding to work with Coach Kristine was the best decision I have ever made in my life to date – and I mean every word of that statement. Every single session is beyond informational and I always walk away feeling like a million dollars. We never leave any thought untouched per session.

I had seen many other coaches and therapists prior to working with Kristine, but none supported and work with me the way that she does. Kristine always takes the time to get to know every one of her clients on the deepest level. The first session explores your personality so that she can work with that specific individual to meet their goals and push through challenges. She is the most generous, wise and strategic coach I have ever worked with. She often messages me after our session with recaps, notes or something that may help me until we see each other again. She is extremely thoughtful and takes coaching to the next level.

Kristine has given me a variety of tools to work through every aspect of my life. She has not only helped find my dream job post-graduation when I had no idea what I wanted out of a career, but she has also been the best support system through relationship challenges in my personal life. I used to look to close friends and family for advice/support in personal hardships, but with her support, I have been able to work through challenges on my own with her tools and action plans she lays out for me each session in great detail. I can confidently say that I feel like a way better and more joyful version of myself having worked with her.

I cannot imagine where I would be now if I never worked with her in the first place. I wish I started working with her sooner. I do not anticipate on stopping my sessions with Kristine.

When I first met Kristine, my intent was to do 3-4 sessions only to work through personal challenges pressing at that time, but now I make it a priority to see her once a month (at the least); because I have never felt so clear on the path I want to take to reach my goals and dreams. I have come to realize that there is no price tag that could ever amount to how I feel every single day now that I have an amazing coach. If someone was on the fence about making the jump, my advice would be, don’t think twice. Choosing to work with Kristine will change your life in the best way possible.

Thank you for changing my life, Kristine.

Carly F

– Linda Mallard, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre

It felt like my business was a bit stagnant, or was it me? I needed an injection of a fresh vision and new ideas. I was in need of an administrative manager and wasn’t feeling overly confident to make the right choice. Kristine was amazing on all counts! She guided me to get clear on my vision and we came up with a plan that I was excited about. Enrolling my team was easy with her guidance.

Next, Kristine took me through a hiring process where I got clear on what I needed by learning about my strengths and what I needed in a manager. I got down to the last two candidates and Kristine came in for the 2nd interview and her process made the decision crystal clear. Two years ago I hired the most amazing manager. She is so happy in her job and I am so incredibly blessed to have the best person in this position. My business has grown because I have the right fit. I have peace of mind and we have fun a work.

I am forever grateful for Kristine’s work. If you want to grow your business, make more money and free yourself up to live a great life, then I would recommend Kristine as your business coach.

Carly F

– Carly F.

I had Coach KI over 5 years ago and still use some of her suggestions and exercises today. She guided me through a tough time (divorce and then deciding to purchase a business or not). I’m so happy with the way I navigated through both those big decisions and I think her guidance helped to make some tough choices easier.

My favourite exercise and the one I still pull out today was developing my personal mission statement. Every time I’m unsure of a decision I’m trying to make I refer to my values and make sure whatever it is that I’m trying to do follows true to my values.

I find her so easy to talk to, and tough when she needs to be! Coaching isn’t easy, you have to be willing to put in the work. But so worth it in the end. I would highly recommend Coach KI.

Carly F

– Kerry Lawrence

I’ve worked with Kristine for business and personal guidance. She has always left me feeling like I can put my best foot forward, and with a clear head. She helped me come to healthy realizations about myself, that helped me in both my business and my relationships. I have always felt like I could be honest without judgement, and anything I was ever confused about was quickly explained to me. She has affected so many aspects of my life positively, from the way I hire people, to the way I handled emotional stress. I am very thankful to have her guiding me through this crazy life!

Carly F

–  Ginny, All Star Shoes (Terrace, BC)

I just presented at a Women In Business event a couple of weeks ago and one of the questions asked was what are the key things that I’d recommend to being successful. I told them a business coach!

The value of having a coach saved so much time, money, possible rookie mistakes and eased so many worries! I had great confidence every step of the way which included my business plan, looking at opening a business with a sharp turn that led to buying the business I currently own!

Carly F

– Terence

I’m a business person who has had the opportunity to connect with Coach KI and have access to her amazing insight and professional guidance. In my busy and sometimes tumultuous life it’s easy to lose perspective and sometimes making the right decisions can be daunting.

Kristine is so easy to talk to and has been a tremendous help to me. She offered an informed, outside point of view and provided new insight into the whole picture. The techniques and exercises we practiced allowed me to get outside of the box and gain a clearer view of myself and my situation, all with a touch of humour!

She’s like having your own personal cheerleader, as trustworthy as Mom, but without the (bullshit) sugar coated advice.

What I gained was confidence in my decisions and, frankly, peace of mind.

Carly F

– Caylea B.

Vision boards, Dream Day, fun school! Kristine helped me overcome my personal obstacles and encouraged me to explore deeply my unique talents and creativity.

It was largely an accumulation of these sessions and exercises that gave me the courage (and the nudge) to explore my dream career path.

Plus she’s a super cool chick, and a total blast to shoot the shit with!

Carly F

– Alana Brookes, Entrepreneur

Working with Coach KI over the past 6 years has been one of the single most powerful and motivating forces in developing the life of my dreams. I live with a potentially, and at times for me, debilitating health disorder that I have been able to navigate through and ultimately have created joy, humor, and beauty in many areas of my life with the ongoing support of a Life Coach and the skills I have learned.

Coach KI has worked tirelessly with me to develop life skill tools that have enabled me to develop a web of support for my disorder from my Life Coach, Naturopathic & Medical Doctor. Over the years, we have developed a regular coaching schedule that holds me accountable for my health while simultaneously giving me that check in, ensuring that I feel supported in my journey of mental & physical health for myself personally and for my business.

Carly F

– Jaclyn K.

Working with KI has been an absolute game changer for me. I absolutely adore KI’s no bullshit stance, her innate ability to ask all the right questions to lead me to an answer I had no idea was there and her way of holding me accountable (cause let’s face it, we could all use a little kick in the butt every now and then!)

She helped me immensely with picking up on the lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis and enabled me to build an infinitely more positive mindset that has lead to some seriously huge personal growth. I feel that Kris truly sees me and understands me even when I’m fumbling over my words and don’t quite understand myself. 

I’ve seen my fair share of therapists and counsellors over the last 13 years, but there’s something so incredibly special about the connection that Kris builds with her clients that has totally set her apart for me. Knowing that I have Coach KI supporting me is an incredibly uplifting feeling and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her in my corner.

Carly F

– Stephen D., Toronto

Kristine has been a trusted friend for years so it was an easy transition for me to turn to her for guidance and perspective by leveraging her expertise as a life and business coach.  

Coach KI was instrumental in helping me successfully navigate through challenging times in my family life –  and she did so in a manner that left me feeling mentally positive and hopeful. 

 I’ve recently re-engaged her to assist me in framing up the next phase of my professional career – helping me unearth my true passions and sidelined talents, and effectively directing my energies towards future success. 

Our sessions always leave me feeling positive, focused and excited for what’s next. I look forward to the journey ahead.

Kristine is an amazing soul that I feel lucky to have crossed paths with. Connect with her and it will change your life.

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