A Beautiful (But Disappointing) Valentine’s Story

I find people are often divided into two camps when it comes to how they approach a situation in which the outcome is uncertain. Camp A:  OMG!  This is going to be so AMAZING!!  I can't wait!!! (already planning outfits) Camp B:  Hmm, let's just wait and see.  (arms crossed, eyes squinting, knowing look on face) The classic Optimist vs Pessimist, Dreamer vs Realist.  I sit pretty squarely in Camp A and am often gently advised by my Camp B husband not to get too excited.  What?? And lose out on the sweet high of serotonin pulsing through my nerve [...]

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And What Would You Know About That?!

It's possible I was the recipient of someone's "outside voice" at a party this past weekend. Or maybe she is simply one of those rare (and totally awesome) people who says exactly what is on her mind. I was having a lovely chat with the hostess and one of her guests when the conversation steered towards my coaching business and the hostess was curious about who it is that I gear my practice to. I said that it seems people who are drawn to me are women entrepreneurs searching for life's Holy Trifecta...a booming business, a happy marriage, and a [...]

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A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

Are you the go-to gal in your circle of friends or in your family? Do strangers share their heart and soul with you at the bus stop? Do people think you are the one with all the answers? If you have answered yes to these questions you are most definitely a friend indeed, and I wonder if you’re also a friend in need? As a card carrying member of the Go-To-Gal club I understand that it can be overwhelming. At times I feel what I say may be the catalyst for change in someone’s life, change that may not always [...]

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