What I Learned From Babe Cancer

On the heels of my last Coach's Corner when I spoke of reaching some realm of spiritual enlightenment which resulted in finally deciding to stop telling my body to $#@% off...I come to you with this. I guess my body prefers it when I sling obscenities because after I chose to cradle it like a baby and sing lullabies I get hit with the line we only want to hear in movies "you have cancer". Crap. Well, I guess I have to give that pain in the neck some credit as without it I never would have had the CT [...]

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A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

Are you the go-to gal in your circle of friends or in your family? Do strangers share their heart and soul with you at the bus stop? Do people think you are the one with all the answers? If you have answered yes to these questions you are most definitely a friend indeed, and I wonder if you’re also a friend in need? As a card carrying member of the Go-To-Gal club I understand that it can be overwhelming. At times I feel what I say may be the catalyst for change in someone’s life, change that may not always [...]

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