kristine_1The only thing that really matters “about me” when it comes to coaching is how it relates to YOU. I remember when I was first searching for a coach I went after all the things I thought were important. An extensive resume, a flashy website, gobs of credentials and if they were really really good I thought they had better be really really expensive. What I’ve learned thru my own journey as a coach since 2005 is that what I longed for and I believe what my clients long for now was someone that got me, someone that had the ability to mirror me as my best and most real self. The “I see you” moment in Avatar sent tears streaming down my face. I believe it’s what we all truly desire and actually require in order to show up authentically in this world.

Do I need to have been exactly in your shoes to relate to your situation? Nope, but I probably have in some form or certainly had a client with similar struggles. Over the years I have experienced many challenges and gratefully many successes. As a coach we are told we must “live it to give it” so here’s some areas of struggle I am all too familiar with and have managed to find the light on the other side.

  • all the fun stuff that comes with being a small business owner…issues with staffing, finances, roller coaster sales, landlords, time management, motivation, ever changing landscape of business, and so much more
  • the ebb and flow of a 20+ year marriage
  • raising a teenager
  • mental health issues with family and close friends
  • chronic pain
  • health scares (cancer survivor)
  • money hell
  • constant search for purpose
  • scars from my past
  • anxiety
  • family/work/me balance


“During our sessions Kristine helped me organize my time for work, my family and myself! In only a few sessions, I gained lifelong changes and confidence I didn’t think possible. Kristine is an incredible coach, and a beautiful human being with compassion, caring and acceptance.”


I must add that although I have found the light on the other side of these struggles it seems to be on a dimmer switch. There are still moments of darkness but I am now able to pull from the tools I’ve learned during my beautiful journey of coaching and crank that dial up much faster than before.

I believe so deeply that this somewhat “new” field of Coaching is a gift to our broken world. Imagine if each of us were able to share our true selves in a safe place, dissolve limiting beliefs that hold us back from living the life we always dreamed of, and find our purpose thru inquiry, support, and love? Wow, the world this could be. I feel honoured to be in a position to help manifest this change.

So, now you know a little bit about my journey, and maybe if you think we might fit together, and why I believe Coaching is the bomb. Now it’s time for the really important stuff…

  • my guilty pleasure meal is truffle popcorn and red wine
  • feeling warm sun on my face is worth a wrinkle or two
  • if my son hears “this will make you a better man” one more time he may put himself up for adoption
  • I like to box and I like yoga…sort of a Mahatma Ali I guess
  • I can make the ugliest face you have probably ever seen (except for my dad ’cause he taught me everything I know)
  • Lenny Kravitz makes me very happy…Ok, listening to Lenny makes me happy…we haven’t met yet
  • I must travel to India and Africa within the next 10 years
  • I hum in my sleep
  • I think horses have magical powers…like in Avatar they “see” us.
  • when I’m really mad I stomp up and down like a petulant child
  • I can watch 6 hours straight of the food channel…and then order in sushi
  • Schindler’s List and Grease are my favourite movies ever. Super normal combo.






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