Coaching is the ongoing partnership that helps you focus on and achieve the outcomes you desire in your life. Together, we identify and attempt to dissolve those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living as your authentic self. Dr. Martha Beck* equates coaching with a personal trainer for your life. She explains that when you are physically ill you may consult a doctor but when your body is healthy and you want to take it’s capabilities to the next level, you may consult a personal trainer. In the same respect, when you are experiencing issues with your mental health, you may consult a licensed therapist or a psychologist. However, if you are mentally healthy but wish to experience more joy, success, fulfillment in your life, you may consider hiring a life coach. If your life is already pretty fantastic, say an 8 or 9 out of 10 but you dream of what a 10 might feel like, you may consider hiring a life coach.

I have been trained both as a Co-Active Coach thru CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and as a Martha Beck Coach thru MBI (Martha Beck Institute). I am grateful to offer a blend of skills to my coaching clients thru the varied teachings I learned at each of these reputable schools. My approach is both pragmatic and deep hearted and often annoyingly curious.

If you are contemplating hiring a coach I know it is critical that you feel you can relate to this person, that they are able to tap into what is important to you and that their message resonates deeply within. I have created a Manifesto on coaching that might help you decide if we are a fit. These are my beliefs on what coaching means to me and how I show up for my clients.


  • I am a mirror of your true self
  • I am a safe place for you to share your story and your secrets
  • I will challenge long held beliefs that may be holding your back from freedom in your life
  • I believe we all have a unique gift that this world needs us to shine a light on
  • I will listen fully to what you say, and what you don’t say, and what your body says
  • The agenda for our sessions is always yours
  • You carry the answers within you, I am simply a guide
  • I will be your biggest cheerleader
  • I believe we must live every day unapologetically
  • I will never judge you
  • I take confidentiality as a sacred oath
  • I believe laughter is like breathing to live. So, yup…there will be laughter. Probably lots.

And because my deepest belief is that “it is our Light not our Darkness that most frightens us” (props to Marianne Williamson) I am passionate about helping others break free from their fears and unapologetically shine their gorgeous light in this world. Grab your shades people!


“I came to Kristine wanting…needing help with asking for help. This coming from the girl who got the most happiness when helping others. I realized I needed a chance to breathe. I needed to focus on me so I could get enjoyment from helping others without feeling overwhelmed. I now see that by not allowing others to help me I was robbing them of the good feeling. She totally changed my perspective.”


* Dr.Martha Beck PhD, bestselling author, monthly O Magazine columnist, Oprah’s “favourite Life Coach”.



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