Ohh Oprah…really?!

January, January…oh how you torment us. I’m all for taking time to reflect on what isn’t working in our lives and setting goals for change and a plan of action to get there (it’s kind of what I do) but in January the focus always seems to be on one big fat thing.  I was recently shopping at London Drugs for some fashion magazines to get a jumpstart on spring trends (yep, it’s Spring in fashion world) and was bombarded with cover after cover of what I experienced as fat-shaming ads.  All promising that if you peek inside you will enter into a magical kingdom of tips and advice to finally shed those nasty lb’s.  I grabbed a couple of them to see if any had NEW earth shattering insights…like zeroing in more on the beliefs we have about ourselves when we think we are fat (“I’m not worthy unless I’m thin”, “I could never wear a bathing suit”, “I’m lazy”, “I’m ugly”, “I’ll never be enough”) and questioning the hell out of these freaking LIES.   But nope, it was just more BS…does anyone out there really not know that reducing portion size and exercising more can often result in weight loss?  Thank you mighty diet guru’s for stating the freaking obvious!

And then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I saw my beloved Oprah on TV…turning up the volume because I don’t like to miss a word of her wisdom, I hear “inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be”. omgomgomg…really Miss O??!! I’m pretty sure that no matter what a scale says you are already the woman you know you can be.  Oprah is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers (and apparently a part owner as well) and this latest campaign promotes “The Year of your Best Body”.  I just don’t get it Oprah.  You have been a trail blazer in your life for so many important causes,  you are a brilliant and successful business woman, you have fought poverty and racial injustice, you are a rape survivor,  and you are a mighty philanthropist but absolutely none of these things were because you had a smoking, hot bod.  I totally get that you want one (that red truck of fat will never be erased from my memory)  and I’m genuinely happy that you have found a program that has worked for now but the reality is that for the rest of us, dieting alone does…not…work!  For every success story there are hundreds, maybe thousands more,  that have done more damage than good.  The pounds lost come back and they come back multiplied.  As much as we know that ding dongs and couch surfing 24/7 will cause weight gain we know that dieting alone is not the answer.  I want her to say that. She knows this better than anyone and just because she now has some skin in the game she can’t ignore the truth.   I want the rest of the story…that until you believe that you are beautiful and sexy and 100% enough right this minute, jiggles and all, you will struggle with weight loss.  The first step is questioning those BS beliefs that have kept you from treating your body like the beautiful vessel it is.

To do a little BS belief hunting please say these words:

I am worthy
I am beautiful
I am sexy
I am smart
I am funny
I am whole
I am loved
I am enough

Did you struggle saying any of the above? Maybe it brought on emotion or even laughter (that sneaky cover-up emotion of sadness and anger).  Did you simply believe the opposite?  I would now ask you to question this painful belief.   This is how that looks:

  • state the belief. ie: I am not beautiful
  • ask yourself “is this true?”
  • how do you feel, react, treat others/yourself when you believe this painful thought?
  • who would you be without this thought?
  • turn it around to “I am beautiful” and find three reasons this is true
  • what might you do this week if you believed you were beautiful? (I hope you go do it!)

Once we question all of these beliefs we can often identify what has been holding us back from treating ourselves and our bodies how we deserve to be treated. Our body deserves healthy, nutritious food, it deserves to move and stretch and be strong, it deserves rest, and yes it even deserves wine (well, mine does). With this often comes weight loss which is fantastic if that is what you desire but the core desire of our body is simply to be loved.

Let’s declare 2016 The Year You LOVE Your Body…ALL OF IT!

If you want help questioning those BS beliefs you can find me at www.coachki.com.





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