Hot Investment Tip!

I learned at a pretty young age that Investments were the key to getting ahead…whether it be financially or personally.  Just using the term “investment” made me feel so very grown up as well as excited and nervous because I knew there was an element of risk involved.   I was in my early twenties and dating JI (my now husband of 22 years) when we made the decision to buy a condo.  My three older siblings had all gotten married before living together so the mere thought of telling my parents I was going to be living in “sin” was terrifying .  I remember waiting for the perfect moment to approach my dad.  He wasn’t paying bills, he wasn’t watching sports, and was just getting up from a nap so I hoped  I was catching him in that semi-conscious, sort of doped out state.  I put on my best “adult face” and told my dad that JI and I had decided to invest in real estate together.  Yup, that’s exactly how I put it.  It took awhile before I clarified that we would actually be living together in said investment.  I just kept using the word “investment” and hoped he wouldn’t equate it with his little girl shacking up.  I remember an excruciatingly long pause before he rolled his eyes and said “I get it. You want to live together but please do not use the excuse that this is an investment.  You don’t care about the financial return, you just want to live with your boyfriend.”  As usual, dad was totally right but I did learn something at that early age.  When we aren’t grasping onto what the return will be, some pretty cool stuff can happen when we invest in the right places.  That condo ended up being the one piece of real estate my husband and I bought that actually made us some sweet bucks.  We won’t talk about the others.

Since that time I have invested in all sorts of things…real estate, mutual funds, businesses and my returns have been sometimes good and sometimes not so good.   But, there is one investment that has brought me positive gains time and time again…and at the risk of being convicted of insider trading I’ll share the three letter stock symbol…YOU.  I went to my first personal growth seminar about 20 years ago and it cost a whopping $1200!  I could not believe I was spending this crazy amount of money (that I most certainly did not have) on something so intangible.  This story could be a Coach’s Corner on its own so I won’t delve further but I can tell you…the experience changed my life.    I tapped into the knowledge that everything I needed to be happy and fulfilled was truly within me.  This began the trajectory of my personal growth and my desire to help others live the life they were born to live.  I went to many more seminars, I’ve gone to see incredibly inspiring speakers (Oprah, Anthony Robbins, Martha Beck,  Wayne Dyer, Dr.Phil), I’ve worked with talented coaches and teachers and I’ve trained at two different Life Coaching schools to broaden my  knowledge and experience.  I’m a certified Martha Beck life coach but continuing to pursue more training.  All of this costs a lot of dough…but it has been worth every single penny.  I have faced challenges in my life that I know I would not have gotten thru as I did without having made these investments.  I also know there are more challenges to come, but I have a wicked tool belt to tackle them as well as a healthy dose of faith.  This is where I get my sweet Return on Investment.  An ROI that can’t always be quantified with money although sometimes it is.  When I invest in myself I learn to make better decisions, I can identify my weak spots, I share my learning with my staff and my business runs more profitably.

So tell me…how do you invest in YOU?  This can look different for everyone.  It may be going to a personal growth workshop, or hiring a life coach, but it may also be treating yourself to a spa day or spending money on a gym membership or a nutritionist.   Whatever the investment I can promise you one thing…you will move forward.  If you have ever felt stuck (and if you haven’t…you are a very lucky unicorn) this is the way out.   And if the thought of investing money in yourself makes you feel selfish please remember this from my favourite Marianne Williamson quote…

“… as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Investing in YOU, is also investing in those you love.


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