What I learned from Babe Cancer

On the heels of my last Coach’s Corner when I spoke of reaching some realm of spiritual enlightenment which resulted in finally deciding to stop telling my body to $#@% off…I come to you with this. I guess my body prefers it when I sling obscenities because after I chose to cradle it like a baby and sing lullabies I get hit with the line we only want to hear in movies “you have cancer”. Crap.

Well, I guess I have to give that pain in the neck some credit as without it I never would have had the CT scan that revealed a tumour on my thyroid. From the moment I heard there was a “suspicious lump but probably nothing” I truly knew this was not going to be good. I can’t tell you why, it’s not in my nature to go to the negative first and even when everyone around me was saying everything would be fine I would nod my head in a kind of slow, deranged manner, knowing the outcome beyond a shadow of a doubt. After over two months of tests and appointments and doctor/office staff screw-ups I did finally receive the diagnosis I had expected. I will share one funny story in relation to the doctor office guffaw. I called the office a week after my biopsy to ask if results had come in…

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